Why endure the cost of owning travel vehicles, when you can rent! No storage costs, no winterization, no overhead! Just rent and go!

Ready to make a travel trailer your very own? Check out our inventory!

We do custom van builds, truck builds & trailer builds for work or play!


Work Hard Play Hard

That is what we are all about!

I grew up in small town Iowa. I have camped ever since I was a kid. From ground camping to RV camping I have done it.

But that is only the beginning. I have worked in construction since I was a teenager. Held a job through school and sports seasons. In the off season and summer I would often hold 2 jobs. Worked on and sold my first car before I was 16. In my mid 30s I had already owned more cars than I was years old. I have always been a Jeep Guy. I have owned a Jeep CJ7, multiple Grand Cherokees, a Comanche, a Wrangler, an XJ Cherokee, and a Grand Wagoner. I have have a painting and drawing background. I’m a certified aluminum TIG welder & done some wire welding. I have worked in manufacturing making parts for the automotive industry. I have done trim carpentry and framing. I’m a Master Electrician. Plus a general jack of all trades with quality and creativity always at the forefront of what I do!


Why we started

We understand that it is not practical for everyone to purchase/store these types of items. That is why we started this business. We wanted to bring this opportunity that we love so much, to others. For most people, storage of these items is the biggest reason for not making these purchases. Our services will make outdoor adventures more accessible to everyone. Our plan is to bring quality rentals to the area. All of our rentals will be well maintained, and professionally serviced. They will be cleaned top to bottom, inside and out upon every return.

Accessibility to quality rentals maybe why we started this business but sales will keep us going. Bringing great unique sales units to people ready to purchase will keep us thriving.

We have also found a need for custom builds in the area. Please look to us for your custom build needs also. Let us help you build the custom outdoor unit for your advenures.

Who we are

We have had a passion for camping, and love for basic outdoors since we were kids. That passion has gotten even stronger as adults. We have explored by bike (on and off road), on foot, and by canoe/kayaks. We have spent many wonderful nights sleeping on the ground in tents. Yet enjoying the pleasure of being off the ground also in a camper, RV, or a cabin. We have been lucky enough to enjoy incredible Mt.Biking in States like – Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and Florida. We have even Mt. biked the island of Aruba. With more planned for our near future.

Where To Find Us

We are based out of Iowa City in Johnson County, Iowa. We are here for this great community and all the other great surrounding communities