Dometic 12v Portable Cooler / Fridge / Freezer

This Cooler/Fridge is great for long trips and keeping essential items cold even on the hottest summer days.

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Dometic 12v Portable Cooler / Fridge / Freezer


The days of burning through ICE are done with one of these awesome units. Rent one today, Love it buy one from us later.

Take control of outdoor adventures like never before with the Dometic CFX3 55IM. Enjoy fresher food at your fingertips thanks to Dometic’s market-leading VMSO3 variable-speed compressor with optimized software for better cooling, freezing, and power consumption. The CFX3 features a durable ExoFrame that protects the edges of the cooler, making it ideal for rugged trips. Strong, spring-loaded aluminum handles make it easy to lift and carry. Set the cooling temperature of your CFX3 on the high-resolution color display and pack all your favorite foods. Download the CFX3 app and roam free from worry. Once your CFX3 is connected through your phone, you can set the ideal temperature, and get a detailed history of energy and temperatures. We also offer a range of accessories to get the most out of your cooler, including a durable insulated protective cover and a fridge slide for easy access to your favorite items. In a first for single-zone portable refrigeration, the CFX3 55IM produces ice even when the unit is set to refrigeration, thanks to the built-in rapid freeze plate. It comes with two removable ice trays for cold drinks no matter where you are or how long you’ve been away. The trays feature snap-on silicone lids, so water won’t spill inside the cabinet of your CFX3. Just fill the trays, place them in the dedicated ice maker, which can produce ice even if you’ve set the cabinet of the CFX3 for refrigeration, and enjoy ice in a matter of hours.


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Weight 61.29 lbs
Dimensions 19.49 × 35.12 × 18.58 in


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