Sprinter Van - Diesel - Ram Van - Rental

This Van is now for sale, no longer a rental

Adventure van with all the basics you need. Stocked with everything, just bring your clothes, chairs, and a cooler of food and drink. Everything else you will need is in the van ready to roll!

We offer discounts for multi-day rentals. Use the date picker below to select the dates and your discount will be applied. Please contact us for extended rental rates.

Original price was: $230.00.Current price is: $199.00.

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This is our Sprinter Van adventure camping unit. $199 per day. *2 days paid rental earns you a day free. First 200 miles are included, ∗with 35 cents per mile charge after the first 200 miles. *Please note this is a DIESEL fuel van, not unleaded gasoline*

This unit was completely built in house by our skilled crew. After it was purchased we completely stripped it down to just a shell. Sound deadening material was attached to the entire outer shell. Then is was fully insulated it with Havelock Wool. The van has a great electrical system that has both AC 120v and DC12v power. The lights and other 12v systems can be powered from just the house batteries. If more power is needed there is shore power that charges the batteries and powers the 120V AC outlets. This shore power hook up lets you plug into any standard outlet or a campground RV 30amp 120volt receptacle. There is also an outdoor solar charging port for maintaining the batteries when you go more off grid. An add-on portable solar panel will be available as an additional rental item. The interior is finished out to be a simple clean adventure unit. It has a nice roomy raised bed platform with a very comfortable mattress (bedding included). There is a Decked bed drawer system that comes stocked with all your camping essentials. Bringing a bunch of gear? No problem, tons of storage room for your bags and coolers between the bed and the Decked drawer system. There are 2 Dometic fans in the ceiling. These fans are 3 speed, 2 direction fans. Set one of these on to pull air in and the other to pull air out. This will allow you to make it comfortable inside while the van is closed up for a nights sleep. The stereo has been upgraded to be Apple and Android compatible unit. You can bluetooth your music or run your phone's navigation through this stereo. There is also a 2" receiver hitch rack at the rear for bike racks.

NO bikes are allowed to be stored inside the van. Please follow this to protect the interior of our nice van. If you don't have a bike rack? We can provide that rental add-on item also. This van will be fully fueled and will need to be returned fully fueled. This is a DIESEL fuel van, please remember this at the pumps.


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